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Hey there, I'm a Midwestern gal with a big city heart! Born and raised in Wisconsin, I grew up around horses, owning one at the age of 12! Horseback riding was my first taste of adrenaline which turned me into an adventure junkie! #NoRegrets

I was bitten by the acting bug in kindergarten when I played the leading role of Goldilocks and let my newly permed hair take center stage. I was a big fish in a small pond....but I got tired of the pond freezing over. So, I set my sights on warm, sunny SoCal. With the support of my reps, I'm now a busy bee working in voiceover, TV and film.

When not acting, I cuddle with my Pomeranian Mocha Bean, travel, go on hikes with friends, travel, dance like no one's watching, spontaneously erupt in song, did I mention travel? I also help people clear the clutter in their minds as I'm a certified yoga teacher. #Namaste You might need Stress Less Yoga with Casandra!

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